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weekly weather for 3/31-4/4

March 31, 2008

A dryer than expected day occurred as stable air already in place tore apart the rain trying to come in. unfortunately this rain dome is only temporary as we continue this week.

Monday which looked like an “A” day now looks to get a B since it looks like clouds will be more numerous along with raised rain chances to 40%, highs will still be from 70-75. Hopefully the reds can get the opener in rain free.

Monday night into Tuesday morning will bring widespread showers and storms. timing is in our favor, not favorable for severe weather. but you guessed it hvy rain with minor flooding a possibility. temps will still be warm with lows and highs in the 50’s.

Wednesday will rain free with 50’s again. dry day!!!!!!!!

another front builds in Thursday and Friday with rain and thunderstorms with a hvy rain threat once again as highs make a run toward 60. we’ll focus on rain totals later in the week.

update coming Tuesday night on how our weekend is progressing.


bonus post: 1-3 inch rain today

March 31, 2008

overnight an impressive area of rain and thunderstorms fired up to our west, it’s heading our way and has left 1-3 inches of rain over Missouri along with numerous flood warnings. look out for rises in small streams and creeks as the rain moves through, mainly in the heaviest showers. rain should start by mid afternoon and last into the night. Flood watches may be issued as well within the next hour or two.

Radar image of the region.

rain totals to our west

tv or a nice book are in the cards today, at least the ducks will have some fun.

one more thing to check out, winter’s not dead yet.

chilly friday: quick update

March 29, 2008

– what difference a few hours can make our front pushed through this morning instead of late afternoon as a result morning highs were close to 60 and we spent the day in the 40’s yuck.

– my thoughts are unchanged for the weekend except for moving the start of the rain ahead a few hours to Saturday night.

– i forgot one important event on Monday opening day for the reds. a warm windy day looks to be in store with isolated showers and highs pushing 75. weather looks great at the ballpark. Hopefully the home town team will get a win before my phills come to town, there will be no post during the day on April 6th since i will be watching the phillies clobbering the reds.

this Monday and Tuesday there will be no posts unless significant severe weather or flooding occurs ( this is due to multiple exams during this period).  sorry for all the non post days/times but that’s how the schedule worked out.

the rain train continues i see another storm or two after the Tuesday one. time to dry things out, we can only hope. southern Indiana has had almost 15 inches of rain so far in march. however, things could be worse in 1947 Lexington got 10 inches of snow on this date.

stay dry as the rain train moves through.

rain rain and more rain weekend forecast

March 28, 2008

good news first Saturday will be dry and pleasant for outdoor activities such as the weekend soccer game or camping trip .

and for those spring break trips this week Florida will generally be sunny with 80 for highs each day. Las Vegas and the southwest will be sunny as well with 70’s for highs.

all the bad news now rain rain and more rain.

tomorrow the front will push back to the south increasing the coverage once again of showers and storms which will be widespread with minor flooding issues as well.  highs will still be in the 60’s.

Saturday will be our dry day after the front passes, a little cooler as we approach 60 for highs.

the front lifts back north as a warm front Sunday with rain on the increase. the good news temps will warm close to 70.

 moral of the story is to get those outdoor activities done on Saturday and it’s a great week for spring break.

as we look to next week the flood threat goes up again here are the rain totals through early next week from the hpc.


to much rain for my taste.

Nws visit

March 27, 2008

– as documented many times, yesterday was the day of my trip to the Jackson,KY national weather service office. From Versailles to Jackson it’s a 2hr drive each way so a good part of the day was spend in the car.  I went with Dr.Phillips a professor in the geography department and another student.

– yesterday was there annual flash flood seminar at the nws.

when we got there, we toured the office, they have one station set-up for short term another for long term, a web station and a employee working the phones and hydrological info. The radar there has many modes than what i realized they change modes based on the weather. They also showed us there map of weather radio transmitters and how there forecast web system functions.

after the tour there were two presentations one was a review of the nws  flood protocol, the impact of flooding and what can be done to better improve flood awareness and warnings. the second was from Dr.Phillips who talked about the issue from a hydro-logic/ fluvial geomorphology point of view. both presentations were great and it was a positive learning experience for all parties. I got to meet several of the meteorologists there, including the head guy personally and ask questions both of mine and yours. The conversations i had were very friendly and informative.

two things to look for

1. on web page, there considering adding chances of a river flood above x feet for that time period in there graphical forecasts. 

2. goal of office to be proactive with flood warnings.

answers to questions

– several ques about nws offices, modernization occurred in the early 1990’s which cut down on the number of offices however with new technology nws offices feel they can cover the there cwa’s effectively. an extra radar was added in west ky due to local concern.They’re forecast strategy is very similar to mine using a blend of model data and try to filter out bias between the models.

a special thank you to the nws in jkl and Dr.Phillips.