link to install site


 follow the instructions on the site for installation, make sure your computer can handle the program.

after you have installed it you will neeed to customize it for our region

1a. click set-up in the top right corner  

1. remove all sites in the site id’s

2. add your site  id for lexington it is KLEX , Bowling Green= KBWG Louisville =KLOU Cincy =KCVG and Jackson =KJKL

3. change the directory that contains bufkit profiles to my documents

4. click save and exit bufkit

5.  you will need to go this site to download the data which will be automatically saved into my documents

http://www.meteo.psu.edu/bufkit/CONUS_NAM_18.html do this for each model run you want to see in BUFKIT

note: bufkit is not updated untill a few hours after the model run

6. click on the model you wish to see ( green text top left) scroll up and down for each time interval.


2 Responses to “BUFKIT”

  1. MJ Says:

    NWS Louisville produces all KY station BUFKIT data. Here is the link…


  2. mitchg Says:

    thanks for the link MJ.

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