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Quick update: slight risk of severe storms today

April 28, 2008

An upper level low will move into the region today with plenty of cold air aloft this could lead to some storms that produce hail and isolated wind damage. This can be seen fairly clearly on radar now in northern ill, storms will likely fire along the outer band of showers.


chances of hail according to the HPC. chicago radar evansville radar

updates will come if needed.



The weekend awaits

April 24, 2008

1. friday should be ok for for most but storm chances increase into the chance range. still well into the 70’s. The front should pass through quickly and during the overnight meaning just regular thunderstorms.

2. saturday is the tricky day but now it looks like morning showers followed by a decent afternoon but timing is everything we should still get into the low 70’s

3. sunday will be a nice day and a bit cooler as front 2 the big brother of front 1 temps will approach 50’s for lows and near 70 for a high. thunderstorms with a threat of some being strong will occur at night as the weather takes a downhill turn next week.

finals next week so no posts unless one is needed for the sunday storms.

the week ahead

April 19, 2008

1. sunday appears to be another copy of today cold and misty maybe a little warmer as we push into the 60’s.

2. monday is a-ok! 70 for highs.

3. scatttered storms each day more lke a summertime event for the rest of the week with highs in the 70’s and lows a bit warmer near 60. more numerous storms likely toward next weekend.

To cut-off or not to cut-off?? ( weekend forecast)

April 17, 2008

1. our system for the weekend now looks to move a bit slower making friday another slam dunk. 70’s and sunny.

2. rain and thunder will be widespread friday night with .5 rain or so. no high water problems this go around.

3. drizzly and overcast saturday i can hear the boos now. we fall back to the upper 50’s for highs.

4. sunday is the tricky day and the theme for the title. If the low cuts-off and stalls overhead we get more clouds and drizzle with 60’s, otherwise sunday is a winner as we get back to 70. The GFS has less of a cutoff the EURO however really cuts it off, a little to much. But the average puts sunday on the fence.

5. events or games shouldn’t be cancelled only very light rain hopefully we can squezze out a nice day sunday.

wonderful week in progress

April 16, 2008

– another A+ tommorow sunny and 70.

– friday should be dry and in the 70’s but a band of rain and thunder will sweep through at night. some small hail is possibile with any storms.