As promised here is a list of my top 10 weather events that have occurred in the region since March 2008. It’s been a great honor to provide weather information for the citizens of  Kentucky these past few years.

Honorable mentions: ( We’ve had a lot of weather!)

– Decemeber 15th, 2010 Ice storm

For many this ice storm was overhyped as temperatures went above freezing as precipitation started. However, for some from Lexington north A few inches of snow and sleet fell capped off with a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice accumulation which was slow to melt.

– Apr 2011 Severe storms

If this blog covered the deep south this event would be #1. However a day of expected widespread weather turned into a bust locally.

– Severe weather Jul 16-22, 2010

Each day featured one if not several severe thunderstorm complexes move through the region. Quite remarkable to see a long string of severe weather days. That being said only one day had a considerable number of reports.

–  Apr 4, 2008 flooding

TOP 10

Going backward of course!

10. Mar 9,2008 snowstorm

This was the event that inspired the creation of this website. Several inches of snow fell mainly west of Lexington. This broke a long stretch of little snow in the region. Many called this the end of the snowdome.

9. Mar 16,2008 “Catlanta tornado” A tornado struck the Georgia dome where the SEC Men’s Basketball tournament was being played. A scary evening for many.

8. June 5, 2011 A severe storm struck South Central Kentucky With large hail and widespread wind damage tracking through the city of Bowling Green. This was the strongest thunderstorm still to date I’ve seen in KY. I estimated winds over 70 mph while watching several trees knocked down in my neighbors yard along with damage to my roof.

7.  Winter of 09-10 This winter was cold and snowy. Jackson had over 50 inches of snow! This winter was predicted to be warm by many, However Cold and snow fans such as myself enjoyed this winter. A freak snowband in Bowling Green and a Valentine’s snow were some highlights. By the way this winter is in my analog package for next winter!

6. winter of 2010-11. Although 2009-10 packed more punch overall the timing in the winter of 2010-11 was classic. Snow fell christmas eve across most of the region leading to a white christmas with a few inches on the ground! Many of us had a white thanksgiving as well!

5. Ike Sept 2008. Who can forget Hurricane Ike which produced hurricane force winds across our region as an extratropical system. Wind damage was widespread.

4. Aug 6 2010. This was a major flash flood in the City of Louisville leading to a “flood emergency”. Over 7 inches of rain fell rapidly in parts of the city.

3. May 2 2010. Derby day flooding. Several rounds of severe storms and flooding occurred across the region. widespread flooding occurred for Lexington to Bowling Green. Flooding also caused massive amounts of devastation to the city of Nashville. Still remember pulling a all-nighter to cover this.

2. Jan 2009 Ice storm. An Ice storm crippled West KY with over 2 inches of ice. A majority of the state saw an ice storm of over an inch. This lead to widespread power outages over most of the state.

1. Mar 2012: Tornado outbreak to heavy snow: This event had to be number one in my view. This is the only time I know about where a tornado outbreak was followed by a heavy snowfall. The tornado outbreak that occurred this past March will rival 1974 as being a classic outbreak. It is rare to see classic supercells move across this state and to see the damage caused. The heavy snow a few days later was the ultimate add insult to injury.

Please scroll below for my forecast on the last two posts. I will update the forecast later this week.


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