2012 National champions!


It has been a very busy week for yours truly which means I have not had time to update the temperature trends and precipitation chances throughout the week. We all know what a great basketball season UK had that was Monday night.

That was a championship callibar team, I hope one day to be a championship callibar forecaster. I should be hearing within the next few weeks which NWS office I will be going to at a entry level position to complete the SCEP program. Also Tuesday I had my graduate comprehensive exam which lasted all day thus the lack of updates. I’m ticking down the clock till graduation which means my schedule is becoming increasingly tight as you can see by this only being the second entry this week.

On another side note the first spam comment has been left since I posted the $50 fee rule. This person has been reported and banned, and requested they pay the $50 fee. I will not tolerate any spam nor will it show on the site.

1. Back to the weather I for one am glad the front has moved out. Temperature differences were some 20*F early this week which made a regionwide temp forecast tough at best.

2. Overall a great weekend shaping up we have easter outdoor services, egg hunts and opening day for keeneland! Tonight lows in the mid to upper 30’s with some slightly cooler readings in valleys. Skies will be clear with light winds tonight leading to radational cooling. Though I don’t think widespread frost will be issue since temperatures at the 850 mb level are well above 0*C and temperatures will only be close to the mid 30’s for a few hours north and east with a very warm ground surface. So only going with patchy frost which may still impact some plants.  BG region should be closer to 40 with no frost threat.

3. Sunday a week front clips the region with some increase in clouds for the morning with some warm advection ahead of it morning temperatures should be in the 40’s with highs in the 60’s, pushing 70 in a few spots. I expect some decrease in clouds later in the day. It should be noted the EC has a small shower chance though I’ve decided to keep Sunday dry for now.

4. Monday will feature a mix of clouds of sun with lows in the 40’s and highs in the upper 60’s to low 70’s.

5. A pretty big east coast trough sets up next week with a much higher chance for widespread frost and a couple of nasty days in the 40’s and 50’s The GFS is to quick kicking the trough out next week. The EC and CMC advertise the trough to stick around all week with a strong system undercutting the trough tracking along the gulf coast states. If this were 2 months ago the set-up would be favorable for a signficant snow and ice producer in our region, but it’s April.



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