Can you find the front?


well highs today across the Bowling Green region are into the 80’s while in the 60’s for ashland. This makes weather forecasting for such a large region even harder than what it usually is. This is due to a stationary boundary over the region.

1. This boundary may be enough for a storm or two in the region. Odds favor a dry celebration in Lexington about 11:30 tonight. Go CATS!

2. Tuesday I’m watching that MCS over Lousiana moving north into the Arkansas region. This was leave an outflow boundary which should spark numerous storms over some regions Tuesday. otherwise tuesday once again will feature a scattered storm or two with temperatures becoming more uniform on the warmer side 60’s/ 80’s more summer like.

3. Wednesday more scattered storms yet again along our boundary, Thursday brings a likelihood of showers with a wave low pressure. gradual cooling trend throughout the week as well, Highs wednesday should be knocked down into the 70’s and the 60’s for Thursday!


2 Responses to “Can you find the front?”

  1. mitch Says:

    euro shows killer freeze on the 11th.

  2. mitch Says:

    may have a few storms that pulse severe due to steep lapse rates. could not post yesturday, taking comprehensive graduate exam. hvy raina threat as well.

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