Forcing/lift elements of clipper win out


I pointed out the other day that the forcing looked impressive with this clipper. Two things were critical in getting the heavy snow rates. The first characteristic of lift was the 700 mb Omega. The second one was  a very impressive dendertic snow growth region in the proper place for snow production. These two factors made it a very efficient snow maker. My snow map was to low for many along I-64 and the mtn pkwy, My forecast totals were among the highest though in terms of forecasts trying to take these snow efficiency factors into account. These banded snow set-ups are hard to pin out till the last minute. Think what would have fallen had the ground not been as warm some totals over 8 may have occurred. This more than doubled Lexington’s snow getting ti to just a below avg snow season after all that talk of a snowless year, good things come to those who wait. Though I wish the band would have spared the clean-up regions this amount of snow will negatively impact clean-up. Highs today stay in the 30’s for many with some 40’s south. I’ll post a forecast for the rest of the week later today. I may take a few days off after that since the weather looks quiet.


One Response to “Forcing/lift elements of clipper win out”

  1. lipper Says:

    You hit it better than anyone else. Good work.

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