9:30 pm update: coming north with the snow band


The radar return are impressive this evening with this narrow snow band. My thinking is WAA has forced this band to track a hair north of my earlier forecast. The NAM continues to show around .5 qpf max in the band and the RUC has snowfall rates near an inch per hour.



RUC ( valid till midnight Mar 4th)


updated snow map


8 Responses to “9:30 pm update: coming north with the snow band”

  1. lipper Says:

    For us in Pulaski Co. 1/2 an inch max.

  2. mitch Says:

    1/2 inch now at my parents house in Versailles nice to see moderate snow falling on the first day of spring break.

  3. lipper Says:

    No precip in Somerset at this time.

  4. lipper Says:

    Mitch does WKU offer an undergrad degree in meteorology these days?

  5. jonb Says:

    Ground completely white and HUGE flakes falling in breathitt Co.

  6. lipper Says:

    Glad to see they offer it and that). No precip in Som at thist time. Looking at generic radar I’m holding to .5″ or less. Eubank has best chance to see a coating or better. Going to bed now and hope to wake up to see atleast a coating on my car.

  7. lipper Says:

    Nothing in SOM this morning. Probally missed out on our last chance for snow this season.

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