Storms recap


Here are some youtube videos

CNN news article

Here is a radar image from the Washington post and Stu Ostro of the weather Chanel.

This is an image of a supercell storm at peak intensity, you can see the hook portion heading into west Liberty.

Radar image. the different colars measure the wind sepped going from and toward the radar. Where they meet you have the tornado.

image from texas storm chasers

Here is a link to the red cross as they have already started relief efforts, to give click here


I would post more but I’m sure have many of the same searching methods as I do. I’ll post final numbers sometime next week.

back to the weather, snow should impact the Monday morning commute for some the map below shows the regions with the best chance of snow accumulations. I want to take a look at another round of models and certain parameters before putting out official totals. I’ll have up the forecast before the UK game.

SNOW MAP Sun night- Mon am

A: snow likely from Midnight Sunday night till the monday morning rush, good chance of a light accumulation

B: snow likely  more favorable forcing than zone A increases chances for accumulation, upslope aid southeast

precip may start out as rain and virga.




3 Responses to “Storms recap”

  1. mitch Says:

    scattered snow showers this morning may leave a coating main show tonight.

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