adding slight shower chance Wednesday


A week shortwave will move through the region tomorrow. However I feel the best lsentropic lift will be both northwest and southeast of the region. Still will add a slight chance of a passing shower and bump up clouds a bit as well with the passage of the shortwave.

I’m seeing others jump on board with a severe threat Thursday now forecasted here for a few days now. I like the idea of some low-topped storms going off late in the afternoon and evening Thursday with at least a wind threat. I’ll discuss more Wednesday. Also I’m watching the middle of next week for a snow threat.


6 Responses to “adding slight shower chance Wednesday”

  1. jonb Says:

    Mitch could next week be a significant snow?

    • james Says:

      If the 18z gfs plays out, then yes next wed. into thurs. Thats over a week away though, so it will probably disappear before then. Just Lucy holding the ball again.

  2. jonb Says:

    Nobody is mentioning this snow threat now. did it disappear already? 😉

    • james Says:

      Lucy has everyone scared now. But seriously, it’s still a week away. Will probably appear and disappear several times between now and then.

  3. mitch Says:

    band of gusty showers and thunder from south of e-town to just southeast of lexington moving toward glasgow, campbelsville, berea and danville.

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