Quite a cold day as winds from 10-15 mph and temps in the 20’s have led to wind chills below 10 at times. Some areas the snow map was to high, the nature of dealing snow showers.

1. clouds should clear out in most locations tonight with lows in the mid 10’s on average. Cold arctic air will still be in place Sunday making for a slow recovery to 30 for many with some spots in the low 30’s.


Precipitation should move into the region from west to east in the evening Monday. Evaporative cooling should cause any mix at the start to change to snow. However WAA will change the snow to a mix of precipitation then to drizzle by 8 am Tuesday.

Across the Bowling Green region snow develops around midnight changing to rain around 4 am. some sleet amy mix in. total snow of 1-2 inches.

In the 1-3 region I expect the transition to be slower to rain thus the potential for slightly higher totals.

This system has qpf north and weakens as it heads east a lot of people across KY may not even get an inch.

2 very tricky factors with the amount of precipitation and the timing of preicp types. I’ll have more details posted by Sunday night. Think colder and wetter!


2 Responses to “BRRRR!”

  1. Seth Says:

    It seems to be a double edged sword with this system. If the models bring in more moisture, chances are there will be more WAA with this system. However, a colder system seems to translate to light snow amts of no more than an inch or two. That’s living in Kentucky for ya!

  2. Seth Says:

    12z nam looks a bit better for a lot of folks in the precip department, particularly western, northern, and central kentucky. If that’s all snow….

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