All Systems Go


I’m not making any changes to the snow map I put out yesterday. I think though most of us will be closer to 1 than 3 with the best chances of 3’s in Bell,Harlan and Letcher counties.

The amount of QPF has me concerned as it does not top .1 in many places. Though I think ratios can go a bit higher coupled with some moisture off the great lakes. Will watch for mixing issues the further southwest you go as a temperature spike ahead of the front still may occur.

As for Monday night The Euro caved a bit under pressure and has backed down to around .2 qpf in the south and .1 qpf north for Monday night/Tuesday morning. Still think this will be all snow. The surface feature is not strong which has been concerned qpf amounts won’t increase back to what the EC had yesterday.


One Response to “All Systems Go”

  1. Seth Says:

    12z nam dry slots northern kentucky for a while :(. I hope this is an aberration. We haven’t seen a snowfall over 2 inches since last January!

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