Clipper more at Bluegrass/east KY now


The HRRR, RUC and 12z models have shifted the chance for snow north. I don’t think the period of snow gets going till east and south of lexington.

The best region of Omega lift and frontegenical forcing appear to track along I-64 looking at latest SREF. This gives an indication where a period of snow should form.

chance for most of the region of seeing snow under an inch. the likely region has a good shot at seeing snow perhaps up to an inch. the counties in the 1 region should see around an inch of snow.




2 Responses to “Clipper more at Bluegrass/east KY now”

  1. mitch Says:

    snow on radar near owensboro to move east and increase in coverage. Most of everything on radar is virga now.

  2. mitch Says:

    well this is a nice snow for some Richmond to E-town have 2 to 3 inches so far totals may end being around 4 in a few spots.

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