Public impact underdone on snow showers


The posts for this past snow shower event did not detail the public impact enough given this is the first snowfall event for many this season on this site. Snowfall totals were a little low in southeast KY and my 1 inch range should have been expanded northwest by about 30 miles. For those who are critical of the NWS I thought the advisories put out by the Jackson office fit the situation perfectly and no blame should sent that way. I don’t think however I would have issued a winter weather advisory for areas that haven’t had snow and are not expecting snow, this gives the wrong message about what an advisory is. My main point is that less than half of the region saw more than a trace of snow for the majority of people next time they see an advisory the chance increases that it will not be taken seriously.

Overall the next few days will see a gradual warm-up with some rain showers this weekend. Within all the warm talk we have teleconnections going from a unfavorbale state to neutral. The stratospheric warming episodes are starting to lead to cold shots coming out periodically thus the monthly forecast was only slightly above normal for temps. The next cold shot should come around the 12th the next question is does a storm in the gulf try to phase with the strong northern branch trough?


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