New public impact scale and more ( Snow chances????)


After the last event I feel the impact for the very light snow was not communicated enough by many. I went into some of this on my earlier update today. Every post from now on will have a Public impact indication at the end ranging from low to high.

I’ve added several links and fixed some of the pages as well. please use these tools as you see fit.

1. To recap yesterday I was to light with totals in the southeast underestimating the instability aspect to the disturbance allowing for locally higher totals. Other forecasts as a result had a better handle of snow totals for Southeast KY as a result.

2. Wednesday will see a warmer westerly flow move into the region with mostly sunny skies. Temperatures will start off in the low to mid 20’s with highs in the low to mid 40’s. Some locations could fall into the 10’s tonight. Areas with snow cover in the southeast may stay a touch cooler.

3.  However Wednesday night a week clipper system with some overrunning could provide for an increase in clouds with lows in the mid to upper 20’s on average valley and snow-covered locations could be cooler. I’m adding a chance for freezing drizzle and light snow as well with chances from 50% near Ashland to 0% in BG. I’ll update this chance again Wednesday, little or no accumulation expected at this time Medium public impact northeast.

4. Thursday strong west to southwest flow will move in once again with mostly sunny skies. Highs range from the mid to upper 40’s perhaps a few readings near 50 in the BG region.

5.  Friday Should see an increase high clouds but remain dry with lows in the middle 30’s and highs in the mid 50’s on avg. A little cooler where any residual snow cover is.

6. A wave forms along a front this weekend could rain change to snow? I’ll be watching right now doesn’t look likely. Better chance for snow with strong arctic front and gulf wave interaction next week.

7. winds through this week may be gusty around 10-15 mph with gusts to 25 mph for Wednesday and Thursday and perhaps more out of the southwest Friday and Saturday.


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