Short term: Mr.Grinch controls the holiday weather



We’re continuing with a lack of cold air over the next several days. It now looks like some energy will move across the south but to progressive for a major system Christmas day. I think the ECMWF keeps to much energy trapped over the southern plains in bringing out another storm Tuesday.

-Tonight winds will still remain around 5 mph from the northwest. Clouds will be slow to clear out I suspect however the wind will limit fog overnight to a patchy nature. Some drizzle may be possible as well.  Temperatures should be steady in the low to mid 40’s Friday.

– Once again I’m going in the direction of the NAM and ECMWF for temps and away from the MEX guidance which has been to cool in recent days. Highs should be in the upper 40’s with lows near 30.  Skies will be mostly sunny.

– A week storm system will cross the southern United States. Will keep a chance of rain showers in the forecast for late Sunday afternoon with highs in the upper 40’s on avg. Lows should be near 30. Will have to watch model trends as I suspect southern and southeast KY could get in on a few rain showers.


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