Site down till November


Viewers of this site,

Thank you all for contributing to this site over the past few years.As many of you know I’m moving to New Jersey for 4 months this week. My time I have had to devote this site has been getting less over the past several months due to my thesis, graduate studies, campus activities and the stormtoppers. The new position I will have at the local nws there will demand my full attention over the coming months while I’m away with any free time devoted primarily to finishing of my thesis. This puts me in a position to where I will not be able to continue to provide weather updates on a regular basis for this site. I have accepted a job that I feel is an excellent opportunity to start my career with the National Weather Service and hope for your understanding regarding this choice not to update this website till my return in November. I wish you all the best in finding weather information and that I have shown you all a few things on what to look for so you can come to a few conclusions fo your own. Make sure to check Kentucky weather center and pierce’s site during the absence of this source for daily weather info. I have enjoyed providing the service of weather forecasts over the past few years and look forward to returning to that role in November.

Mitchell Gaines


3 Responses to “Site down till November”

  1. Seth Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work and good luck! Look forward to your posts in November.

  2. JonB Says:

    Mitch, congrats on your accomplishment. I always check the site everyday (especially winter). Look forward to your return!

  3. marsha Says:

    Mitch we will miss you hurry back winter would not be the same without you and Chris Bailey

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