BG damage photos, what’s on tap this week?


A cluster of storms late Sunday morning over Owensboro moved southeast into the Bowling green region where it encountered considerable instability marked by large amounts of convective available potential energy ( CAPE) and steep changes in temperature with height ( lapse rates). The storms as a resulted exploded with numerous reports of hail and gusty winds. ironically the strongest winds were noted on my street in Bowling green and just a few miles southeast. Overall trees were knocked down along with many reports of power outages. Check out the damage of my house and the neighbors tree. I measured 3/4 inch hail and estimated the winds at 75 mph after observing the damage.

1. Monday through Wednesday I expect to be typical summertime days with highs near 90 Monday and in the 90’s Tuesday and Wednesday with the heat ridge just to our east. With no real lift in the region any thunderstorm despite the heat and return flow off the gulf will be isolated. muggy dewpoints near 70 will keep lows around or just above 70. These may create a hazardous heat index values near 100 for Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, take precautions!

2. By Thursday and lasting into Saturday a week front is modeled by both the GFS and ECWMF in the region which may knock temps down a touch and increase storm chances with the lift. Also of watch will be the orginzation of tropical moisture in the Caribbean some of this could advect into the region for days 7-10.


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