first heat wave of the summer


to start off the month of June we will have a strong ridge of high pressure over the region. This will promote sinking air but still a hot and humid airmass with advection off the gulf. Given this and the expected movement of any frontal systems well to our north precipitation chances are small.

1. Thursday we will see a warm front pass to our west deflected by the ridge in place. we may see some clouds from a mcs to our west otherwise a hot, humid but rain free day is expected with highs near 90.

2. We’re in the warm sector Friday with mostly sunny skies hot and humid weather highs likely reaching the lower 90’s after lows near 70.

3. we may yet add a few more degrees for saturday and sunday with no rain chances in sight, the ridge is only projected to strengthen. I’m going to add summertime low chance of thunderstorms for Monday in the hopes of eastern movement of the ridge and return flow.

4. this ridge is much farther east then I’m expecting on the whole for this summer. I expect by mid month to push back into the Texas region. Also watching for tropical troubles around the 7th, Impact to US still questionable.


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