More rain, and possible severe storms to come….


Good evening everyone!! Thanks for checking in on this very gloomy day. A massive tornado outbreak has been ongoing in the southern and southeastern states for the past 2 days. There have been several destructive tornadoes, and several tornado emergencies. There have been six in the past 2 days alone. Here is a video of a tornado that hit Sanford, North Carolina, and was part of the same supercell to give Raleigh, NC destruction.

As we move into this week, we may be the one’s getting the severe storms. Early in the week, we will likely be seeing several rounds of thunderstorms as a front sits and just meanders around. Temps will likely be nice and warm, but dewpoints will likely make those warm temps uncomfortable. Then, late Wednesday into early Tuesday, a low pressure system will likely begin to eject from the south central plains. The Low will be moving and strengthening extremely fast. From midnight Wednesday to around 6 am Wednesday, the storm explodes rapidly from central OK, to southern, and then by around noon time Wednesday, to southern Wisconsin. This is how I see this playing out at this time.

That is what I see at this time. This system, in my opinion, looks to have a HUGE severe weather outbreak to come along with it. Here is what I see right now.

A strong low level jet will be present on this day, and there could be some mild instability, but that looks low right now. This event is looking similar to October’s severe weather where the line of storms thrived off of the low level jet.

That is all for today. Thanks for reading and God bless.


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