Severe storms again?


Good evening everyone!! Thank you for checking in tonight, and it has been an absolutely wonderful day today!! It has been sunny, warm, but not too warm, and winds light. Here were the highs for today.

As I speak, a very, very robust storm system is producing severe storms, and even a late season wet snowstorm. Yes, I said snowstorm. That is an insane word to be using this late in the year. This storm has phenomenal structure, and looks just unreal.

This same low will be progressing eastward as me move through the night. This will give many areas in the lower and mid Mississippi valleys dangerous severe weather overnight. This will then move into the ohio valley. A form of the WRF model keeps us in the clear in terms of rain most of tomorrow, except for late in the day, early Saturday with severe storms rolling through. The most likely form of severe weather we will likely see is a strong squall line coming through late in the evening. The question is, how much instability can we manage to get? That will pretty much be the determining factor on whether or not we get severe storms or not. The NAM isn’t showing much of anything. It is, however, showing a very strong low level jet, which storms can thrive and produce damage alone on. The SPC has most of the area under a slight risk.

We will definently have to watch that.

Thank you for checking in today. God bless.


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