I’m making snow maps over spring break


Just what every college student wants to do over spring break is to make maps of expected snowfall in the region. Actually I really don’t mind b/c this fits in nicely with my thoughts of a return to chilly conditions for the first half of march.

Over the past 24 hours NWS forecasts to indicate some snow later Thursday something I have been hinting at for several days. The added wrinkle which makes this a accumulating snow for quite a few of you is a secondary low along the front.

We’ll have one more band of thunderstorms move through this evening with the frontal passage then after a break overnight light rain showers develop over the region during the morning hours. The secondary low tracks up along the spine of the Appalachians with rain showers mixing with and changing to sleet and snow at times by days end with temperatures falling into the 30’s and lows near 30. upslope flow and some moisture from the lakes may contribute to the widespread nature of the showers and snow showers. Thursday night a steady band of snow should develop on the typical nw side of the low which may bring from .1-.2 qpf Thursday night from Pikeville to Ashland, however with warm ground temps I expect to keep overall totals down.  In the 1-2 zone I expect a lot of 1’s or so with the highest elevations getting an isolated 2 In the bluegrass and northern KY snow showers should be around Thursday night which may lead to some grassy coatings. This system exits on friday with highs near 50. It will stay seasonably chilly 30’s for lows and 50’s for highs for the weekend with fair skies.

snow map for grassy accumulations Thursday night

Coming Monday into Tuesday another low pressure approaches the region behind the cold front. If the timing is either Monday or Tuesday morning several inches of wet snow could fall in our region. I expect highs both days only to be in the mid to upper 30’s with rain and/or snow.


One Response to “I’m making snow maps over spring break”

  1. tornadolarkin Says:

    Did you see the line that came through earlier? It was nothing special, but I thought pre-storm when you could see the structure was incredible!!!

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