More and more and more rain…..


Good afternoon everyone!! Thanks for reading this fine afternoon that we have been blessed with. It is a nice and warm day too. You can track temps here:

Man, look at those temps in southern and southwestern KY!!! Those are some warm temps. As we move on into Friday, showers are likely to develop. Although, these will likely be spread out in nature. All these will do is produce a nuisance. The NAM isn’t even showing much precip falling until Saturday. Now, after that, the amounts of rain will likely be the main story, again. The NAM isn’t showing much rain across KY, and taking most of it north into Indiana and Ohio.

The GFS isn’t showing a ton across KY either.

That isn’t a ton of rain. Now, any amount of rain will exacerbate flooding problems that are already around. As the front comes through, we may change to a period of snow. This is a very interesting solution that I could see occurring. The NAM is showing the cold front coming through, and as that occurs, another low pressure system form to the south of us, and rides up north.

This could  put out 1-3″ of heavy wet snow if it were to verify. The EURO is showing something similar to the NAM, and has temps cold enough for snow, and a low placement good enough for snow. Now, does this occur? Well, since only two models are showing this occur, it is not the favored solution. Does this mean it doesn’t happen? Absolutely not. It just means odds are against it. It is something we will have to watch for though.

As we move into next week, a strong low pressure system will begin to take place across the plains states. This storm, in my opinion, is likely to be SIGNIFICANTLY bigger than the last two in terms of severe weather for most of the state. First off, this will likely be catching all of the cold Canadian air, and will be bringing it down finally. Secondly, the 500 MB jet and 850 MB jet are likely to be very strong, check them out.

500MB jet

850MB jet

Those are really strong jet streams for in early March, just imagine how strong they may be later on in the spring!!! The EURO is showing a nice set up for severe storms with this system. Has a low placement in Iowa, and southerly winds in our area. The highest severe threat at this time may be west of us, but it would shift eastward as the day progressed.

Whew. That was long. Thanks for checking in, and God bless.


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