weekend snowstorm?


I’m sniffing out a snowstorm around the Sunday timeframe. A low pressure should move into the plains spreading rain showers into the region for Friday night through Saturday. By Saturday night and Sunday morning the low pressure deepens and tracks through or south of the region. This allows for dynamical cooling to the NW of the low track and for temperatures to become favorable for a change to snow. In fact a decent band of snow could setup northwest of the low track for Saturday night through Sunday night. Over the next few days I expect a wide range of model solutions. These range from the GFS cutting a week low into the lakes with secondary to our east meaning showers then a frontal passage to yesterday’s 00z euro which developed a strong slow-moving storm to the southeast, cooled our region into the 20’s and produced a healthy snow maker. I like the CMC middle ground for now.  Here is my early thoughts on low track and chances for snow on the ground for this event.

we’ll see how this trends over the next several days.

As for Tuesday and Wednesday i expect mostly cunny days lows in the upper 20’s on average overnight and highs near 50 Tuesday. We’ll add several degrees for highs Wednesday.


5 Responses to “weekend snowstorm?”

  1. Seth Says:

    I’ll probably go with the gfs solution at this point. Rain to snow showers/flurries for us seems likely for the weekend storm.

  2. laura Says:

    thanks mitch

  3. mitch Says:

    12z EURO/ CMC not backing down for this weekend.

    Didn’t mention anything b/c I don’t think the severe threat is that great ahead of the front Saturday.

  4. jonb Says:

    So us in SE KY get no snow?

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