Ice concern early next week for the north?


Today and Friday we will a have a mix of clouds and sun with highs from the mid 60’s to low 70’s each day with strong southerly winds. A frontal boundary goes north of the region on Friday with some scattered showers in the region. lows will be in the 50’s friday morning. Saturday after the passage of the front lows will be in the 30’s with highs in the 50’s.

I expect temps to stay steady Saturday night with a low pressure moving across the plains. This low goes north of the region on Monday with highs into the 60’s and mostly cloudy. Lift of warmer air and pressure advections ( isentropic lift) will result in a period of rain along the boundary Sunday into monday. Later in the week i’ll have a good idea where this sets-up.

Already a secondary low for Tuesday with a much more southern track I’m watching this one closely as the 00z GFS and CMC bring some impacting snow and ice to the northern portions of KY.

In politics, a rare mention on this site for good reasons I’m deeply concerned about bill 11. This would  have an extremely negative impact on the weather community we’re all a part of. If you’re strongly in opposition of this bill please take 30 minutes or less to contact your representative this weekend.  the basics suggest a 30% budget cut for the NWS.


One Response to “Ice concern early next week for the north?”

  1. tornadolarkin Says:

    I’m writing Obama a letter stating why this is completely ignorant, and explaining what this could do to society.

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