fine tuning the forecast


Tornadolarkin will be om tomorrow for his test run wish him the best of luck I have full confidence he will impress in his frist test run on this site. The reason why I’m doing this is I will have several trips coming up this spring and to prevent a large gap with weather coverage I’m having him share some of his thoughts to supplement my absence. tomorrow will be  a test run for this spring.

I do however have to update a few things with this weeks forecast

– taking out any precip chance for today through Monday as the clipper system is well to our north

–  I’m also going to raise highs Monday into the mid and upper 50’s with fewer clouds

–  ECMWF is trying to slow down the warm-up with light showers throughout the middle and end of next week, this would take away some of those 70’s and that 80 in the 14 day, I’ll be watching that over the weekend.

– thinking modeling is trying to shift the overall storm track south to quick. I think anything this month cuts into the lakes or upper Ohio valley we have till march. There should be cold air to work with though. However the ECMWF weeklies give a strong indication winter is over.


2 Responses to “fine tuning the forecast”

  1. mitch Says:

    12z ecmwf implies major changes to 6-14 day.

  2. tornadolarkin Says:

    Good or bad???? Most of the models are showing warm temps for this week…..

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