100,000 hits & long range thoughts


We hit 100,000 visitors during the excitement of all the snows. I want to thank each of you for visiting the site and making this a good source for weather information in the region.

For those thinking spring is here to stay the long range ECMWF may say that but its operational 12z run had a different tune and the 18z GFS  followed with something similar. That period of interest for winter weather is still about 8 or 9 days away so I’ll follow-up on that in a few days.  The operational GFS appears to giving a flase signal of spring in days 11-15.

spring is here says the operational run of the GFS!!!

not so fast the ensembles paint a different story

Normal seems more reasonable than 8*F above  in the 11-15 day period. Still normal for Late February does not mean ideal temps for snow. In fact even with a few model runs bringing snow and cold into the region, I’m going to stick to my idea of lows tracking north of our region the rest of the month and normal to slightly above normal temps. March may be a different tune think 08!


7 Responses to “100,000 hits & long range thoughts”

  1. tornadolarkin Says:

    Ok, I am still posting tomorrow, right? And congrats on 100,000 hits!!! 🙂

  2. mitchg Says:


  3. tornadolarkin Says:

    cool. I’ll be ready 🙂

  4. laura Says:

    thanks mitch for update. larkin i want to thank you to for covering for mitch. i know you will do a great job standing in for him.

  5. tornadolarkin Says:

    Thank you Laura

  6. tornadolarkin Says:

    I’ll be writing my first post on here in a bit. 🙂

  7. mitchg Says:

    excessive rainfall threat next week. I’ll cover this in a few days.

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