outline of the next several days


Another 1/2 day at WKU today left early yesterday to enjoy the snow band today the university is closed till noon. Another reason why I’m such a big snow fan lol.

Overnight the clouds cleared out faster than i expected and we got some impressively cold lows overnight with the snowcover places in Oklahoma got to -20*F while just a few miles south of my house at the mesonet got to -7*F!!!

Today southern regions that had the snowcover will struggle to 20 with lower 20’s further north with sunny skies. Tonight once again we’re clear with a snowcover for the south with some light southwest flow and warmer 850 mb temps tonight i expect we will not be as cold for the south. However I do see lows falling to around 0 in southern regions with a few mesonet sites just below zero lows around 10 are more likely further north.

Friday we should see some compaction and even melting of the snowpack with highs near 32 in the south and mid 30’s north with mostly sunny skies. Lows friday night should range from the mid 10’s south to low 20’s north as southwest flow helps to offset a shrinking snowcover.

Saturday a warm front moves through the region ahead of a clipper which will track across the northern great lakes meaning the warm-up continues with a slight chance for a rain or snow shower and more clouds lows will be around 20 in the south and in the 25-29 range north with highs near 40 where snowcover is still present and in the mid to upper 40’s north.

Sunday the clipper tracks across the lakes with a mostly sunny day and southerly flow the influence of the snowcover should be gone with lows in the near 30 for the south and in the mid 30’s north with afternoon highs in the mid 50’s regionwide.  A week cold frontal system with the clipper skirts us Monday with a slight chance for a shower with lows in the upper 30’s and highs in the low 50’s.

This warm-up will really crank up past this areas that are -20*F below zero should be near 80 next week with our region in the 70’s. By the 18th arctic air comes back into the northern plains and I’m trying to sniff out a severe weather event to end the warm-up around this tiemframe. We get a couple of lakes cutter rain events in the second half of the month, then could we have a 07-08 endgame with one last push of cold at the end or will it just be a few days in the 30’s with flurries remains to be seen.

unless changes are needed the overall forecast may not be updated for a few days. Tornadolarkin will be introducing himself with a post this weekend as a contributor as I have three trips in the next several months so he will help to keep current info on here.

the 14 day has been updated I threw in a very warm number on the 17th then went with the ideas trending toward a 07-08 ending in march.


3 Responses to “outline of the next several days”

  1. laura Says:

    thanks mitch for update. larkin is a good one to pick to keep us updated while you are gone. enjoy your trips.

  2. mitchg Says:

    lows tonight going as expected in the south and will verify much better than the nws low of 9* at BWG.

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