One of the better forecasts


The only real thing I missed was the northward extent of the snow shield. My ideas of amounts around 4 or even 5 inches were good as BWG officially got 3.7 an inch more than my house which was not in the band as long. The official observer My professor’s place of residence was within the brunt of the snow band longer thus his higher total.  I also saw some 4’s in southeast KY as well.  I suspect many of us stay in the 20’s tomorrow with the snow cover.  After that we start a warm-up with a clipper going far to our north for Sunday. 

However I have to eat my own words that winter is over. Already I see winter making another run to end the month well in time to provide some more fun. in fact the ECMWF day 10 is suggesting the next system to watch for snow is 10 days away however i suspect that goes north into the lakes but by months end the storm track may be similar to a 07-08 endgame with winter.

I’ll detail the next several days tomorrow then torandolarkin will get a test run being the main attraction this weekend. I’m heading on several trips this spring and hope he can fill in with some good weather info during my absences. make sure to check his site on the links.


2 Responses to “One of the better forecasts”

  1. tornadolarkin Says:

    looking forward to helping!!! also, I am agreeing with you on the 07-08 tracks. i could see 1 apps runner in march, maybe 2 if we’re lucky.

  2. marsha Says:


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