First map


some key points

snow ratios from 15-20:1 adds some fluffyness.

already seeing a tight dewpoint gradient 14 at BWG with 3 at LEX this means more virga. For now many WRF simulations don’t take the snow much farther north than the southern KY Pkwy. However at the same time other models do. I’m thinking .1-.25 qpf a good bet for the south with a sharp cutoff further north

for the northward limit of the shield I went a touch of the STN WRF which closer to the NAM. I also excluded western KY since I don’t officially that part of the state search for Beau Dodson if want more west ky coverage. The regions with the sad face I’m thinking moisture will be lacking and virga will be the only real precipitation.

By the way I jumped on the gun on winter being done the AO and NAO are sliding negative by months end we may have more shot of winter after this thaw next week.


2 Responses to “First map”

  1. mitch Says:

    00z nam goes south again may have to shift the map south about 30 miles.

  2. jeff Says:

    just by the nam doing that? radar trends show that precip is alot different than what nam just showed. did u see ruc

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