Another light snowfall for southern KY


Models are coming into good agreement on a band of snow skirting the southern part of the state.  I’ll either likely go with a 1-3 band with a buffer zone up to 1 north of that or a 2-4,1-2,0-1 placement. The timing would be from Wednesday afternoon into the evening. With temperatures in the 20’s snow ratios from 16-22:1 are likely with all surfaces becoming snow-covered creating slick spots. My forecast will be out later today.


4 Responses to “Another light snowfall for southern KY”

  1. mitch Says:

    12Z ECMWF wetter in line with NAM. FIRST CALL likely will feature a 2-4 band from BWG to Somerset a band of 1-2 to the north of that with trace amounts along I-64.

  2. mitch Says:

    I’m starting to see a few things which may show this big warm-up to be overblown in terms of length, negative AO and NAO to return by months end which may open a window for one last shot of winter after a warm week next week untill shortly after the 20th. I’m also trying to sniff out a severe threat to end the warm-up.

    Friday will likely feature the rest of winter outlook.

  3. mitch Says:

    gfs ensmebles more good news for snow fans. mean qpf of .25 along the ky/tn line with .1 all the way to I-64.

  4. Seth Says:

    My forecasted estimates for this southern system. I have a feeling this system will overachieve, especially in the central parts of the state i.e. Lexington.

    0″ Covington, Louisville
    T-1″ Georgetown, Cynthiana, Ashland
    1″-2″ Elizabethtown, Lexington, Richmond, Morehead
    2″-4″ Paducah, Bowling Green, London, Somerset (Possible 4″-6″ bands in this region)

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