winter weather advisory BWG to LEX


the NWS has issued an advisory for these regions and points northwest an inch to perhaps 2 or 3 could accumulate on grass with temperatures in the mid 30’s Monday afternoon. I expect travel impacts to be minimal.

As for late in the week i think the weaker south solution which is looking more likely is a function of to many storms and the atmosphere being worked over. To my displeasure it looks like the GFS wins this round. this should be a light snowfall late Wednesday. I’m throwing in the towel on anything more than a few inches i also suggest a basketball team we all watch does the same for road games.

after this week I’m going to tone things down a bit with updates as a much more normal quiet pattern sets in and school work along with other duties pick up.

tomorrow I’m meeting with Warren county emergency management about the new storm spotting network for the state. I’ll try to go into that sometime this week time permitting.

enjoy the superbowl GB 28 PIT 24 is my forecast.


6 Responses to “winter weather advisory BWG to LEX”

  1. jonb Says:

    Mitch, not only can you predict the weather, but you’re Super Bowl prediction is looking pretty good about now.

  2. jeff Says:

    nam looked good..what u think mitchell

  3. jeff Says:


  4. marsha Says:

    Jeff what about Morgan co?

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