don’t worry be happy


this is a quick update this afternoon the models not including the gfs are still on the course of the southern track layed out yesturday eevnthough the ukmet and nogaps have joined the fight with the CMC a touch drier this changes little in my overall views the JMA is wetter this run and the ECMWF is being fairly steady.

we also have to watch for rain changing to snow Monday afternoon which may impact some schools.


9 Responses to “don’t worry be happy”

  1. laura Says:

    thanks mitch what does it look like for london

  2. Vinny Says:

    Wed Feb 9 heavy snow late 14/26

    Thu Feb 10 heavy snow and wind 19/24

    You still on board???

  3. Festus Porkmeyer Says:

    I’m on board, add a little wind and we’ll really have fun!

  4. mitchg Says:

    that forecast reflects the northern track. for now modeling shows the southern track.

  5. tornadolarkin Says:

    I honestly think this will take a favorable track trough north central georgia.

  6. marsha Says:

    What happen to all that winter and artic air for next week now there saying highs in 20 that not that cold and calling for spring why is it so hard to nail the cold air???????????

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