major snowstorm next week?


my first call for friday night will be on later today roughly a 1-2 inch snow with areas east of I-75 starting as rain for a while.

However for next week the trend in the modeling is to send less energy out with the arctic front monday and hold it back in the Rockies so that by Wednesday cold is in place and the ingredients are in place to form a major snowstorm which tracks from texas and up the east coast. Modeling has surface temps in the 20’s now with the gfs spitting out .5 liquid and the ecmwf going with over an inch of liquid making a 6 inch plus snowstorm very possible.  After this a major surge of cold for the 11th is likely we could go well below zero. for now will adjust the 14 day this afternoon to reflect this line of thinking.


7 Responses to “major snowstorm next week?”

  1. james Says:

    Thans Mitch. Looking forward to tracking this one.

  2. james Says:

    Mitch, on the 18z gfs it has the the front part of the storm starting here on Tues eve, 24 hours ahead of the 12z. Then on Wed. night, has us getting hit by the main part of the storm. That would be a lot of snow over the 36-48 hour period if it pans out. Will see how it changes over the next few days. Hope it’s still there by Monday.

  3. mitch Says:

    james: the 18Z GFS BUFKIT had 16 inches at Bowling Green. that would be a lot of snow however I don’t think that is the correct solution. look for a bundled storm but one that can produce that amount of snow.

  4. mitchg Says:

    00z gfs starts of the model circuit with a dull forecast period lol. an inch or two of snow early saturday, snow and wind monday with an arctic blast with the threat for a few inches then the moster storm for the middle of next week with heavy snow and wind then going well below zero by friday morning.

  5. mitchg Says:

    GFS Bufkit’s showing more snow that I’ve ever seen before I’m seeing some totals close to 20.

  6. Coop Says:

    Can you post links to the GFS Bufkits? Thanks for all your hard work Mitch!!!! Been a long time follower!

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