wind chills near 0 overnight


I often don’t forecast the wind on this site but with some expected clearing allowing for lows in the 12-16 range overnight coupled with 10 mph winds ( always go a few mph over mos) yields wind chills around or even below 0 at times early friday morning. Bundle up if outdoors this will likely mean the continuation of the winter weather advisory overnight for wind chills.

Overall feel good about the forecast 1’s further east in the 1-3 zone with a lot of 3’s near the 3-5 line along I-64 and a general 2 or so elsewhere.

Friday morning’s rush hour will feature snow covered roads, slick spots and cold wind chills. highs should range from 15-20 with some wind it will be a cold day.


7 Responses to “wind chills near 0 overnight”

  1. Mike S Says:

    about 2.5″ at my place in Pulaski Co. Mitch. Roads have been a disaster all evening and night.

    • mitchg Says:

      that seems to be the case rush hour timing for most made it a high impact snowfall. main reason for poor road conditions is thery were wet then became snow covered with the water freezing under the snow.

  2. Hardball Says:

    Going to ask again Mitch ! Thoughts on Monday thru Wed. Snow maker or heart breaker? Great job with this little storm, you weren’t lying about a quick hitter..

    • mitchg Says:

      I will say it would take very little correction of the 00z gfs to make this timeframe very intresting. but I’m going to wait to see the rest of the modeling through the 12z runs friday before going into detail. i could see where we just get a light dusting each day or a bigger storm delevops.

  3. mitchg Says:

    I expect model mayham to be at the worst of the winter season so far this week. That is saying something given the model flips and flops with quite a few systems this winter.

  4. mitchg Says:

    00z cmc run implies a potential BONUS POST tonight eagerly awaiting the 00z euro to see if follows the trend for next week.

    • mitchg Says:

      that model run should look familar to those of you (hint: that have lived in the state for over 10 years) a prize if anyone can guess correctly by the next post. go back and look at those surface maps.

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