11:00 am update: snow still on track



Southern Mississippi Valley sector loop

light to moderate snow will continue to spread southeast today. Apologies for the confusing graphic on the 1 am update that start time did not take into account the morning period of snow which was discussed likely leading to some confusion. Snow should start by 1 pm ct for Bowling Green, Lexington and Ashland by 1 pm. Overall the best forcing is over Arkansas now notice where the heavy burst of snow is, sigh.  Overall this band should produce an inch to perhaps three in a few spots of snow as it moves east still some 3-5 totals  near CVG where snow has already been falling. Also we’re actually getting virga with 90% RH, you ask how that can happen. A look at a BUFKIT sounding shows at the 700 mb level RH is only 40% thus precipitation falling is still evaporating before it hits the ground. Saturation at this level is expected to occur quickly once the snow band arrives. slick spots are likely later today across the region.


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