time for a deep breath


we have more snow showers expected through Thursday with mostly cloudy skies and windy conditions from the nw. these snow showers will be due to the departing upper low and moisture off the great lakes. As usual the flow favors northern and eastern Kentucky with a little extra help from upslope conditions as well. I’m going with 1-3 inches east of 1-75 and less than 1 inch east of 1-75 from midnight Wed am through Thursday with 2-4 inches in the counties along the VA border.

1. Lows Today should be around 15 in the morning with highs in the mid 20’s with again windy conditions snow showers and cloudy skies.

2. Thursday will be more of the same with some clearing in the south morning lows will be in the mid 10’s with highs in the mid 20’s.

3. Just when I going to point out the gfs has been doing well the past week or so, it’s up to no good and the operational runs of the gfs are garbage right now past sunday. Once again it’s the model putting to much emphasis on the northern stream and is way to fast with the flow. However a light snow event is likely sunday.

4. Next week will be wild and do not trust the gfs, I like the ECMWF idea of the past few days. the front stalls in the region on monday possibly moving some northward for mixing then low pressure rides along the front Tuesday and early Wednesday.


2 Responses to “time for a deep breath”

  1. tornadolarkin Says:

    So basically, what is the ECMWF showing?

  2. Mike S Says:

    Are you back in Bowling Green Mitch?

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