1:00 pm update: snow showers now the rule


the steady snow tracked and accumulated as expected across central and northern Kentucky for the most part with getting the idea of banding for the lou-lex-cvg regions correct along the little snow part for the southeast right. Also a recap of monday’s snow shows about 20 miles further south may have been the right call but overall the right idea. snow showers will be the rule for the next few days. my map for snow accumulations still is good and allows everyone to get a light accumulation for these additional snow showers this afternoon.  I’ll update my snowfall prediction for snow showers from tonight into thursday later today.

for the duels I lost by a little to the nws in Birmingham on the high temp for the compass bowl, we still have jan 18 where accuweather has 49 and I had 9 falling the gfs trap of brining in the extreme cold to early. push is 29 which is clearly a toss up now between which model and run you use in the long range, I’ll touch on this later today.

and finally we have a snow duel between bluegrass airport and tf green airport in Warwick,RI they normally have twice as much snow each season

as of yesterday we have

TF Green 11.6

Bluegrass 16.3

now we should be in second within 48 hours or so with another snowstorm for new england. Atlanta snow was impressive and shut down the city.


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