updated snow maps


this morning areas from 1-64 north have stayed drier than expected with lighter snows missing these regions for the most part. the main burst of accumulating snow today will track from north of Bowling Green to lake Cumberland and the Somerset region.


Central Great Lakes sector loop

elsewhere snow showers are expected through saturday, upslope flow is still expected in the southeast as well.

around an inch is expected in most spots from the snow showers meaning some amounts over and some under.


2 Responses to “updated snow maps”

  1. jeff Says:

    already got 2 in london and band of heavier headed this way, u got us 1 inch the whole time

  2. DougT Says:

    Mitch have a little over 2 1/2 inches here in London just wanted to let you snow that your snow map hit the nail right on the head thanks. What about Sunday through Wed here mix, rain or snow?

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