short term forecast: intense snow band near louisville


a very intense and narrow snow band currently is in place from Shelbyville to west of Louisville moving east southeast. this band is only about 20 miles wide but is very heavy with snowfall rates near an inch and hour likely with some dbz values from 35-40 on the latest image i can’t rule out a clap of thunder in this band. with the same regions seeing the heavy snow bursts in the band from the north side of Louisville metro to Shelbyville snow could accumulate locally on the order of 1-2 inches from 10:30 to 12:30 tonight this band will likely impact Frankfort and the northern portions of Lexington metro. roads will become snow covered.

radar link ( use left mouse key to zoom in)

11:30 pm update

an intense snow band continues to track toward the Lexington metro and has been over the northern portions of Louisville in the past hour. there has also been some slight southward movement of the band. the counties that will be affected in the hour are spencer, Anderson, Shelby, franklin, Woodford, Fayette, mercer, jessamine and scott. If you are in these counties and measure more than 1 inch of snow I advise sending in the report to the nws since there is no advisory out. I continue to think a an inch or two of snow could fall in just a couple of hours within this narrow band. This band will be moving into Versailles so i will get a good idea what to expect. a clap of thunder also is possible.

another heavy snow band has also set-up from jackson to west liberty with reports of 2-3 inches of snow in ashland and thundersnow in this band. this band will move southeast in the next 2 hours reaching pikeville.

12:00 am update

winter weather advisories have been reissued for both snow bands. just by random chance it happened right as a heavy burst reached the nws office  on the southside of louisville, lol.

– this snow band very similar to a band last feburary that went through bowling green with heavy snow bursts training over the city and producing 2-3 inches of snow in a very localized region. I’m already pushing an inch in 40 minutes here in versailles many areas along and south of 1-64 should see 1-3 inches tonight. Same with the eastern kentucky band.


3 Responses to “short term forecast: intense snow band near louisville”

  1. vinny Says:

    Great job with your updates Mitch…
    Been hearing about 15th~17th time frames as a watch-out…?

  2. mitchg Says:

    most defintely vinny I think the early week system will be smaller than the 15th-17th.

    pushing an inch in less than 40 minutes in versailles now.

  3. mitchg Says:

    winchester and mt.sterling next along the band. however it is starting to break up a bit and weeken.

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