New volunteer assistant for the site


I would like to announce that tornadolarkin Pierce Larkin will be assisting me on the site. For now his duties will be relativity minor including providing severe warnings when issued ( assuming his schedule permits) and at some future date he may end up posting for me on occasion. He is a freshman at Anderson County High School with the goal of attending OU for meteorology and working for the storm prediction center one day. He also has his own weather blog which has been added in the links section.   Having an assistant will mainly provide continued coverage of severe weather on the site  when the stormtoppers go active in Bowling Green and I’m unable to update. I found several times in recent months my duties in Bowling green resulted in a shortcoming of provided warnings and severe conditions.

Full update up overnight

1. clipper friday

2. complex and prolonged winter storm early next week

3. major cold still coming


5 Responses to “New volunteer assistant for the site”

  1. mitchg Says:

    nam has backed off the snow for wednesday night.

  2. vinny Says:

    How lucky are we weather freaks in Central/Eastern KY..?

    So many meteorologist giving their time and expertise, and they charge us NOTHING..!

    Thanx guys, from the bottom of my heart.

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