00z gfs to the extreme


A bonus post to discuss the extreme cold and snow produced by the 00z gfs run. This option is on the table.

1. I will now add a system to watch back for Wednesday night  as the gfs has come around to the 12 ecmwf run. this means a swath of 1-3 inches with mixing to the south of it for the region.

2. this run also looks more like the ensemble package from the 12 and 18z which preceded it for friday this means 20’s and snow squalls most of the day with another threat for a few inches of snow in the east

3. yet another run hinting at a snowstorm early to middle next week for the region this had good potential to be a widespread 4 or more inch snowfall for the region. But extreme caution is advised as the ecmwf does not have this system but does have an accumulating snow in the Missouri valley.

4. then comes the cold and yet another snowstorm on this gfs run followed by the mega cold blast for the third week of Jan.

Jan 15

add in 15-20:1 ratios as well. that is extreme.  I of course would not this run as the gospel just a general pattern idea folks. the fun is starting soon get ready and buckle up old man winter coming back with vengeance.


One Response to “00z gfs to the extreme”

  1. mitchg Says:

    going to duel the birmingham office on the UK game Saturday for the high


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