light wintry mix today and tonight


Things look a little more interesting today for some light wintry mix across the region. It starts in Bowling Green this morning as light precipitation should move into the region with temperatures near or just below freezing throughout the atmospheric profile this may provide for a period of light freezing rain, sleet and rain for the morning commute before a change to rain by noontime. I’m already noticing the low temperature may get colder than expected in BWG overnight.  Elsewhere precipitation should arrive after the temperature rises above freezing in the morning meaning just a brief start as a few sleet pelets  if anything. I still expect many eastern valleys and far eastern ky to stay below freezing during the night which may result in a light glaze of ice Wednesday night from freezing rain which will change to rain by sunrise thursday.


Southern Mississippi Valley sector loop

current temps ky mesonet


2 Responses to “light wintry mix today and tonight”

  1. mitchg Says:

    from the looks of things most areas are barely going to escape the frz rain threat today, still thinking eastern valleys see it tonight.

    A look at the -AO expected to tank once again and the 00z ecwmf are in conflict for the day 6-14 day period. the ecmwf ensmebles in the days 6-10 are slightly below normal while the operational is above. the days 11-15 gfs ensembles are -7 below normal.

  2. marsha Says:

    Mitch does that mean bring on the cold and snow????????????/

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