more hit and miss snow for part 2


Banding with part 1 made it more of hit and miss deal. From a forecast standpoint the south which was expected to be a miss for the most part got the heaviest band with 4-5 inch totals in Bowling Green. The 1 inch band should have been further south as well with an additional 3-5 band across southern Kentucky. Not the best forecast by any means it should be noted both NCEP’s WRF ARW and the STN WRF nailed the position of the snow band across the south. I will have to use the features more with the next snow system with expected mesoscale banding.

Now we move on the second part of this system. several disturbances should move through the region into monday morning with snow showers aided by steep lapse rates during the daytime. These snow showers with high snow ratios can lay down some quick accumulations through early monday with temperatures in the 20’s. This also means roads will become slick once again and a winter weather advisory has also been issued for the Lexington region and eastern Kentucky. Once these disturbances reach eastern and southeastern snow will increase in intensity and coverage due to the upslope component.

updated snow map tonight through early Monday

the snows besides out east will be hit and miss over the next 36 hours.

here is a radar to track the snow showers

Central Great Lakes sector loop


3 Responses to “more hit and miss snow for part 2”

  1. mitchg Says:

    some comments on the week ahead
    1. light period of freezing rain/sleet/snow possibile sometime wed-thu before a warm-up.
    2. squall line severe event possibile late week to end 2010-start 2011

  2. mitchg Says:

    3. watch for secondary low formation along this front maybe our next snow chance.

  3. mitchg Says:

    a run down of the 12z cmc which matches up well with 12z euro later today and actually thinking now the secondary low could be the main storm in which case a snowstorm would brew here or near our region to start 2011 after ending 2010 with 50’s and thunderstorms.

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