10:30 am update: snow delevoping to our west


Central Great Lakes sector loop

a few things I like for snow accumulations

– deeper moisture than expected moving into MO

– upgrades to winter storm warnings to our northwest

– high dbz- heavy radar echos to our west this could mean moderate to heavy snow later tonight

a few things i don’t like

– humidity values only around 65% this means a period of virgia

– 12z runs could be picking up on dry air in place

– first batch of precipitation to miss southern KY

– temps near 32 already in bwg

for now will stick with a the snow map issued yesturday for round 1 which is tonight through christmas day. These totals will be as of sunset tomorrow night.

If the 12z runs are right most of us are closer to 1 than 3 by Saturday night.


2 Responses to “10:30 am update: snow delevoping to our west”

  1. james Says:

    Thanks Mitch! Really appreciate the time you put into your blog. Hope you have a very Merry (and White) Christmas.

  2. mitchg Says:

    thanks james and a very merry white christmas to you as well.

    12z ecmwf keeping my worries about the drying trend in check. widespread .1 to .2 qpf on this run through tomorrow. still means a 1-3 snow and the snow map is still good.

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