quick thoughts on the run up to Christmas


– weak system saturday the ECMWF 12z run of Thursday still has a light snow chance for the south, any snow should be in the trace to dusting range. We have two clipper type systems next week leading up to christmas. With a – AO and -NAO colder than normal should continue to be the rule till Christmas.

– clipper 1 Monday-Wednesday

Clipper 2- Christmas eve

The boxed regions to the north of the low tracks is where the best chance for snow accumulations is now.

the 14 day will be updated shortly with the day to day details.

white-o-meter( chances for a white christmas with my definition  ( snow falling on christmas day or any snow cover)) 9/10 cincy, maysville, ashland   7/10 jackson, pikeville, lexington 2/10 bowling green.

By the way with the first clipper the 00z gfs had issues and I liked the look of the 00z cmc solution over it.


2 Responses to “quick thoughts on the run up to Christmas”

  1. tommy Says:

    white Christmas would be nice

  2. rolo Says:

    good stuff mitch.

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