1:30 AM update


A recap of the final forecast, overall I’m Ok with BWG right around 1/10th inch of ice now the 32 line moved through around midnight as expected.


Zone A: up to 1/10th ice quick change to rain

Zone B: some snow and sleet under an inch .1-.6 of ice before a change to rain between midnight and 6 am. more northeast part of zone and less southwest part of zone

Zone C: 2-6 of snow and sleet and .25- .5 ice. ( you will only see the top end of either ice or snow)

Zone D:  4-8 of snow and sleet with some mixing with ice on occasion. The 8′s should be on the southern edge of the D zone.

– within 40 miles you may go from 8 inches of snow just north of  Frankfort to 5 inches of snow and sleet with .25 ice in Lex to .6 ice just southwest of Richmond.  


– 32 line moving northward through Zone B overnight should be near northern edge of zone B by sunrise as expected.

– Zone C has already changed to ice thus go low on the snow and sleet and high on the freezing rain.

– Zone D may also see more ice mixing than previously forecasted

– Louisville and Shelbyville were moved from Zone D to C immediately after the final forecast was released. This is still the case.


6 Responses to “1:30 AM update”

  1. mitchg Says:

    2am update and my last
    – WAA overpowering this time the changeover lines may be to far south, chances are good many south of 1-64 get above 32* now
    – euro trying to sneak some light snow on sat here while nam/gfs have fri flurries

  2. mitchg Says:

    from observations lexington to london into southeast kentucky are getting an ice storm as expected with snow for ashland and cincy.

  3. Mike S Says:

    Its a mess here Mitch in Pulaski Co. I walked out to the main road (hwy 192) and it was a complete glaze of ice..my driveway was too…..even if we go to 34 -35 …..it wont melt anytime soon

  4. mitch Says:

    12:00 pm update
    – most of steady precipitation moving out
    – 32 line now to start moving south with N advection
    – quick turnaround to the next system monday

    • mitch Says:

      12z ecmwf has another ice threat monday. my early take is a track similar to the 12z ecwmf from the southern rockies across tenn and then coastal low formation could be a band of accumlating snow in our region if this is the case.

  5. Seth Says:

    Hey Mitch,

    Would you happen to know what the snowiest recorded December is for Cincinnati?

    I looked at NOW data on the NWS site and can’t find total month data only daily extremes.


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