Updated forecast on the weekend


first an update that I’m still thinking that portions of the region have a ice storm Wednesday into Thursday, now is time to think about preparing.

– rain today and tonight

– this may end as a burst of snow with under 1/2 inch accums, dry slot early sunday

– back edge of comma-head with another period of snow sunday afternoon into Monday, vort max to enhance totals along it’s track

– snow ratios 15-20:1

– wind chills near 0 Monday morning, blowing and drifting snow

updated snowfall map

– upslope adds to it in se ky

– took the mean track of the vort max between 12z nam and gfs for the track of the 3-5 band.


2 Responses to “Updated forecast on the weekend”

  1. Mike S Says:

    you have me in the 3″ – 5″ here in eastern pulaski county 🙂 I like it!

  2. Mike S Says:

    Initially I was worried about northern KY for the ice storm late next week. But if we lay down a snow pack it could be trouble state wide.

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