clipper type system recap


First a did you know segment for today:

Lexington, KY has recived more snowfall Nov-Dec than Cleveland(.2), Pittsburgh(2), Philadelphia(0) and Boston(T) combined so far!!!!!!!! WOW! that will be different by Monday or Tuesday.

overall things went as expected and I was pleased with the forecast. Folks down south and southwest had a heads up very little was possible and the threat of a 2-4 band verified near 1-64 with even some totals close to 5 which was higher than expected.

totals ranged from 0 in Bowling Green to 5 inches in Nicholasville and Lexington. I measured 3.2 inches in Versailles.

over the next few days the flow will be more easterly than i had thought. Still some nw flow disturbances will be moving through leading to mostly cloudy skies through Tuesday with sub-freezing temperatures and scattered snow showers with dustings for spots. upslope may enhance the snow showers and lead to accumulations of an inch or two.

This week will be cold. The negative AO continues and so does the extreme cold for December. After seeing the ECMWF weekly forecast into Jan and the new AO projections I’m starting to wonder if there’s potential to rival December 2000 in terms of cold and snow with temps over 10* below normal for the month. The first 10 days sure are in that direction.

This pattern will feature storms hitting the pac nw going into the upper plains then diving into the trough into the Tennessee valley and then the mid-atlantic and due to a -NAO explode along the east coast. Both Saturday’s 00z euro run and today’s 00z gfs run had this idea.

00z gfs for next sunday

for day to day details check out the 14 day off to the right.


2 Responses to “clipper type system recap”

  1. mitch Says:

    00z ecmwf really blows up that system early next week, should be some kind of wintry system early next week. if the ecmwf idea is right a band of 6-10 inches tracks somewhere through the ohio valley, though i suspect it has to strong a system at this point. I’m favoring for now a track from the upper plains to tenn valley then delevopment along the east coast, sound familar?

  2. Seth Says:

    How likely do you think it is, given the huge trough of cold air, that this upcoming storm is suppressed to our south and shoots off past the east coast, kind of like the Dec 7th-8th one?

    Still, if we continue to just get clippers like the one yesterday, I can’t complain!

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