accumulating snows looking more likely this weekend


A week clipper system I have been monitoring on the models is trending stronger on recent runs. So much that the possibility for several inches of snow is increasing for northern, eastern and even the Lexington metro for Saturday into Sunday. Right now the track of the clipper I’m thinking is from southern Ill to Bowling Green to eastern Tenn. This brings a band of snow through southern Indiana, Northern and Eastern Kentucky with an increasing likelihood for a winter weather adv event.  While areas such as Elizabethtown and Bowling Green see a quick burst of rain/snow early Saturday get a nice day with WAA then see wrap-around snow showers. Any shift in the track could change my thinking. However 99/100 times the track shift is north.  One thinks he needs to get out of BWG on Saturday.

12z nam

12z gfs

the 00z euro was a blend of the two and is what I basically described above.


4 Responses to “accumulating snows looking more likely this weekend”

  1. mitchg Says:

    the nws train of thought is to wait multiple model runs before raising precip chances, while i understand caution the models have converged on a clipper solution for this weekend, thus my chance of precipitation is 80% now not the 40% nws has. still think covington, maysville and ashland stand a good shot at a 1-3 inch snowfall.

  2. mitchg Says:

    oh by the way snow maps and FIRST CALL after the 00z runs, check back around midnight.

  3. mitchg Says:

    00z nam trending colder and a clipper very similar to past ecmwf runs. FIRST CALL after 00z gfs run. Lex metro snow fans outlook a bit brighter after this run. increasing confidence of a band of snow 1-3 somewhere near 1-64. others up to 1 then dry slot then wrap-around snow showers.

  4. marsha Says:

    Mitch what does it look like for eastern ky will we get the snow??????

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